Eco - Gardens

Although I will happily take care of your exotics, if you’re thinking of new plants for your garden, consider indigenous alternatives. Going indigenous is:

Beautiful: it needn’t be all aloes and succulents, indigenous plants come in a wide variety to suit every garden style

Water-wise: there are no hosepipes in nature, yet South Africa boasts a flora so rich that the whole planet is talking about it

Thriving plants: plants planted in their natural environment will flourish- naturally

Cheaper, pro-life and healthier:
indigenous plants are less prone to pests and diseases which require expensive pesticides and fungicides, adding to environmental pollution

Low-maintenance: saving time - put a healthy indigenous plant in the right spot and it needs minimal care

it recreates a balance in the eco-system, re-establishing an environment which encourages bird and insect propagation

Nature’s way:
nature does not have to be a holiday destination; by actively encouraging nature in our own gardens, we have home entertainment on our doorsteps

Preserving our heritage:
some plants in the indigenous nurseries are already extinct in nature